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Project Description

GV2 Motor protection breaker

GV2-ME motor protection circuit breaker switch sizing

GV2-ME motor protection circuit breaker switch sizing is suitable for circuits the alternating voltage up to 690V, current up to 80A. The product works to control the overload, phase loss, short circuit protection and infrequent starts of a three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor. The motor Starter can protect the distributing line for infrequent load transfer and it can also works as an isolator.

Motor protection breaker main parameters

Product Model Rated current InA The adjusting range commuting current for conponents A The disjoining current commuting value in instant field InA Order No.
GV2-M(ME) 0.16 0.1-0.16 1.5 GV2-M01C
0.25 0.16-0.25 2.4 GV2-M02C
0.4 0.25-0.4 5 GV2-M03C
0.63 0.4-0.63 8 GV2-M04C
1 0.63-1 13 GV2-M05C
1.6 1-1.6 22.5 GV2-M06C
2.5 1.6-2.5 33.5 GV2-M07C
4 2.5-4 51 GV2-M08C
6.3 4-6.3 78 GV2-M10C
10 6-10 138 GV2-M14C
14 9-14 170 GV2-M16C
18 13-18 223 GV2-M20C
23 17-23 327 GV2-M21C
25 20-25 327 GV2-M22C
32 24-32 416 GV2-M32C

Main accessories for motor protection circuit breaker gv2

circuit breaker for motor protection

Contacts of accessories for motor protection breaker

Name of accessories Code the types of contacts Installation place
Instantaneous auxiliary contacts AE1 1NO/1NC The front of breaker (1PC can be installed)
AE11 1NO+1NC
AE20 2NO
AN11 1NO+1NC
AN20 2NO
fault signal contacts      Instantaneous auxiliary contacts AD1010 constant-open trouble NO the left of the breaker (4PCS can be installed)
AD1001 NC
AD0110 constant-close trouble NO
AD0101 NC
Short circuit contacts AM11 1NO,1NC


MPCB electric tripping characteristics

Names of accessorires Code voltage (V) Installation place
Lacj-voltage disjointing AU115 110-127V 50HZ The right of breaker  (1PC can be installed)
AU225 220-240V 50HZ
AU385 385-415V 50HZ
Division disjointing AS115 110-127V 50HZ
AS225 220-240V 50HZ
AS385 385-415V 50HZ
Be used to the release of low voltage AX115 110-127V 50HZ
AX225 220-240V 50HZ
AX385 385-415V 50HZ

Protective case for MPCB breaker

Name of accessories The protection grade of case Code
External installation shell IP41 MC01
IP55 MC02
IP65 MC03

motor protection switch outline installation dimension

motor protection circuit breaker wiring
motor protection circuit breaker curve

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