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Electrostatic clothes

electrical safty suit protective garment anti static electrostatic clothes up to 500KV

Electrostatic clothes is to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, made of anti-static fabric.

anti static cloth for making electrostatic clothes

Anti-static cloth is of many varieties:

The first is using of anti-static agent on the fabric resin finishing. After padding, baking and adhesion to the surface of the synthetic fabric, the fabric will have a certain antistatic effect. This method is now only used in civilian clothing to overcome clothes sticking, spark discharge, pollution, ash and other electrostatic phenomena.

The second is to add anti-static agents such as phosphatides, sulfonates and other surfactants to the inside of the polyester or nylon polymer or to introduce a third monomer to obtain durable anti-static fibers. As the additive anti-static agent is the case of alkaline reaction or decomposition of the surfactant, so the fabric finishing or washing need to avoid using alkaline detergent to prevent the impact of anti-static effect. This fiber is suitable for dust-free clothing , Sterile clothes, can also be used for civilian clothing

The third is the ordinary fabric mixed with conductive fibers, this anti-static fabric is not affected by the environment, is now generally accepted and recognized. This anti-static fabric anti-static properties can be divided into conductive component uniform type, conductive component coverage type, conductive component composite type And conductive components mixed type according to the types of conductive fibers and conductive components (metal, graphite, carbon black, etc.) in the fiber division. Among them, other composite conductive fibers containing conductive components such as carbon black and graphite can be directly used for weaving filaments. Good warp resistance can be obtained by inserting a conductive filament at regular intervals (eg, about 1.5 cm) in the warp yarns to obtain better electrostatic effect. It is currently the best conductive fiber for spanning anti-static fabric material.

Forbidden to use alone under following circumstances:

This product is forbidden to be used alone in the special case of chemical and biological hazards, poisonous gas and viruses, radioactive substances, unidentified gas and liquid. It should be used together with other corresponding protective clothing.

protective garment usage and precautions:

  • where under normal circumstances, explosive gas mixture appears frequently or for a short period of time or places where long-standing explosive gas mixture may occur, the minimum ignition energy of flammable substances is under 0.25mJ , electrostatic clothes are needed.

  • Prohibit put-on and take-off of static clothes in flammable and explosive places.

  • Do not attach or wear any metal objects on static clothes.

  • Wear electrostatic clothes together with the anti-static shoes ;the ground should be conductive floor.

  • Static clothes should be kept clean to maintain anti-static properties.  Use soft brush, soft cloth dipped in a mild detergent to scrub it clean after using and shall not damage the serving fiber

  • After wearing a period of time, the static suit to be tested. If the electrostatic performance does not meet the standard requirements, then the static clothes can not be used any longer.

electrical safety suit’s maintenance:

For ease of distribution, many factories make a certain amount of inventory on their electrostatic clothes for new arrivals. But you know how to save these clothes? They should be placed in relatively high humidity.

Why static clothes are to be maintained high humidity environment? When the humidity is high, the moisture adsorbed on the surface of the anti-static garment increases, resulting in an increase in the conductive properties of the surface of the anti-static garment. In addition, according to the nature of the material of anti-static clothes, it produces internal moisture absorption to increase the overall conductive properties of anti-static clothes. Plus, according to recent research, it shows that the electric load on object surface discharges only by the surface and from the inside, but also by the air. Experiments show that in high humidity environment, when charge density is high on the surface, the charge will be rapidly discharged into the air. But when the charged energy is low, this phenomenon is not obvious. Therefore, when we leave the workplace, to take off the static clothes  to avoid prolonged exposure. Also in the storage of static clothes, the storing place should be at backlight and its air circulation speed is not too high. If possible, can use a large static plastic bags to pack again.

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