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arc flash electrically conductive suit for sale

General Description of electric live work

Live work include power plants and substation electrical equipment, overhead transmission lines, distribution lines and distribution equipment.

Main tasks of live working include: replacement of line towers, replacement of wires, busbars and overhead ground wires, cleaning and replacement of insulators, washing of insulators by water, crimping repair wires and overhead ground wires, detection of insulators with poor insulation, testing of isolating switches and surge arresters, Test temperature rise and dielectric loss of transformer, overhaul circuit breaker, oil filter and refueling, brushing wire and lightning conductor and applying antiseptic grease.

Function of conductive suit

According to the location of the human body, live work can be divided into equipotential work, ground work and intermediate potential operation. For equipotential operation, the body is in direct contact with the high-voltage live parts. In the high-voltage electric field, there will be dangerous current flows which endangers personal safety, so all staff into the high electric field should wear a full set of shielding suits. Live working shielding clothes, also known as equipotential equalization service, are made of uniform conductor material and fiber materials. Its role is form an equipotential shielding surface, thereby to protect the human body from high voltage electric fields and electromagnetic waves. The complete set of shielding clothing should include tops, pants, hats, socks, gloves, shoes and their corresponding connecting lines and connectors.

Usage and Caution for electrically conductive suit

  • appearance quality must be carefully checked before using, if damaged can not be used.

  • When wearing, the multi-strand metal cable of clothes, caps, gloves, socks, shoes and other parts should be orderly connecte and can not be in direct contact with the skin; underwear is entailed.

  • Equipotential operation should be strictly in accordance with the “Electrical Safety Regulations”. Short-circuit through ground current, no-load capacitors and capacitor current is prohibited.

  • Shield service must be properly stored after use, and not be in contact with moisture and contaminants  so as to avoid damage to the electrical performance.

 Good care will be better for a long using life.

  • Electromagnetic shielding clothes should be stored in a ventilated and dry place.

  • Electromagnetic shielding clothes is to be hung when not in use to prevent functional fiber fracture.

  • Electromagnetic shielding clothes should not be placed with other chemicals.

  • Metallic fibers and silver fiber electromagnetic shielding clothes can be washed (metalized fabric is not recommended for washing).

  • Electromagnetic shielding clothes can not be bleached, or useing detergent ingredients which contains bleach.

  • Electromagnetic shielding clothes should be washed in neutral detergent and brushed with a soft brush.

  • Electromagnetic shielding clothes washing water should not exceed 40 degrees.

  • Machine washing is not recommended in electromagnetic shielding clothes. Shielding clothes can not be force twisted and swung; it should be natural dried.

  • Electromagnetic shielding clothes should not be ironed.

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