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Project Description

Anti-arc suit

electrical arc flash resistant protection ppe clothing

General description of arc flash clothing

arc flash clothing with flame retardant, heat insulation, anti-static, anti-arc explosion function, will not be failure or deteriorated by washing. Anti-arc clothing once exposed to the arc flame or at hot, the internal high-strength low-stretch bullet-proof fiber will automatically rapid expansion, so that the fabric becomes thicker and denser, forming a protective barrier to the human body.

Arc refers to power outage which takes induction of human body as bridge without contacting. It can produce up to 29400 degrees Celsius, which is about four times the surface temperature of the sun, causing intense gas explosion and Electric burn.

Wearing requirements


electrical arc flash protection clothing can only parts of human body other than head, neck, hands, feet, so in the environment which is prone to arc hazards, other anti-arc equipment must be used together, such as anti-arc hood, Insulation shoes and other equipment. When entering the environment with electric arc, please wear arc-proof clothing and other supporting equipment. Do not expose the skin to the outside to avoid serious accidents caused by the gap when the accident occurs.

Forbidden to use alone under following circumstances:


arc flash ppe clothing is forbidden to be used alone in the special case of chemical and biological hazards, poisonous gas and viruses, radioactive substances, unidentified gas and liquid. It should be used together with other corresponding protective clothing.



When electrical arc flash clothing is wet and needs to be dried as soon as possible, if there is stain, it should be washed as soon as possible to remove stains and dry it, so as to avoid mold or germs. Machine washing or hand wash are both available, try to use neutral detergent, do not wash with other clothes. 40-48 degrees Celsius Water temperature is better, do not use bleach and softener. Avoid prolonged exposure fluorescent light to prevent UV damage to clothing performance. For grease stains, blood stains and other serious stains, before washing, please apply dry cleanser and rub by hand and brush slightly and d rubbing or brush lightly; then to rinse with water to remove the blood stains. Please use disinfectant for disinfection after removing blood stain.



If it is worn, tear, burned or corroded to damage the original structure. Please arrange the professional repair as soon as possible. we recommend the use of raw materials from our company for repair in order to better maintain its original performance. Self-repair by ordinary surface materials is forbidden.



This arc flash resistant clothing, must be washed and dried before storage.

It must not be put together with corrosive goods, storage should be dry and ventilated; 200mm away from the wall and the ground.

FCL stored in the card board, so as to avoid prolonged exposure to ground moisture. To prevent ultraviolet radiation for a long time. For long time preservation, should pay attention to regular drying to avoid mildew, insects and breeding bacteria.

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