The difference between MCB miniature circuit breaker and MCCB molded case circuit breaker

1.The connecting wire:

Molded case circuit breaker can be connected to a thick conductor, such as more than 35 square meters. Miniature circuit breaker is suitable for conductors of less than only 10 square meters.

2.Installation performance:

The end of moulded case circuit breaker is connected with nut; easy to compress and contact.. Mini circuit breaker uses smaller pressing terminals, and can only be screwed with screwdriver. The torque is not big enough, it is not easy to compress, and the contact is not very good.

3. Structural features:

Molded case circuit breaker is protected by two sets of devices for over-current and short circuit, and the operation value of over-current protection can be adjusted manually. The miniature circuit breaker adopts one set of devices for over-current and short circuit protection, and the current is not adjustable. The moulded case circuit breaker has large distance between two phases, and has an arc extinguishing hood. It has strong arc extinguishing ability which can withstand more short circuit current and is not easy to cause inter-phase short circuit and has long service life. The sensitivity of the miniature circuit breaker is higher than that of the moulded case circuit breaker.

4. Rated Current:

The minimum rated current of a miniature circuit breaker is 1A, the maximum rated current is 63A or 125A. The minimum rated current of the moulded case circuit breaker is 16A, and the maximum rated current is 1000A, 1600A or larger.

5. Breaking capability:

The breaking capacity of mini circuit breakers is generally 3KA, 4.5KA, 6KA and 10KA. The breaking capacity of molded case circuit breaker is generally 35-65KA or larger.

6. Accessories selection:

Mini circuit breaker has fewer types of accessories than moulded case circuit breakers.

7. Protection function;

Molded case circuit breaker has electronic release. Miniature circuit breaker adopts modular design which is easy to use. There is a big difference in the sizes of molded case circuit breaker.

8. Poles:

There is a flexible combination of poles for mini circuit breaker. molded case circuit breaker generally has no specialized 1 or 2 poles and generally evolve by 3 poles.

9. Usage:

Miniature circuit breakers are usually used for end users, and moulded case circuit breakers are mostly used in power distribution or end users of big capacity.

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